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Pivot Fellow Program

New for 2014!

Visit http://pivot.ewb.ca/ for more information and to apply. Applications are due by April 25th, 2014 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time.

The Pivot Fellowship is a 8-month leadership development program unlocking the work of professional intrapreneurs – individuals leading internal change within their organizations – focused on business triple bottom-line and innovation. Eight to twelve Fellows are selected from across Canada and supported in designing and progressing their respective change projects. Support includes two training Bootcamps, continuous coaching, peer support, networking and mentorship, whichever sector they work in and role they play at their organizations.

Benefits to the Fellow

The program increases capacity in 3 spheres:

• Strategic Thinking: how to design a viable innovation
• People Skills: how to rally a team and lead it
• Personal Awareness: how to develop strength and resilience

Benefits to the Organization

By investing in one or more of their employees, the organization stands to improve:

• Internal Innovations
• Employee Leadership Development and Retainment
• Corporate Image
• Social and Environmental Impact

Benefits to the World

The private, public and non-profit sectors can evolve to answer the needs of the 21st Century. From clean energy solutions or policies to win-win relationships with local communities in infrastructure projects, Canadian organizations have the potential to truly embrace a triple bottom-line.

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