Protect Canada’s Aid Budget

At less than 2% of the annual federal budget, Canadian aid plays a critical role in saving lives and helping millions of people worldwide pull themselves out of poverty. Whether investing in agricultural innovations to improve farming practices or training healthcare professionals to save lives, our aid dollars are making a real difference.

Still, Canada is facing pressure to cut the aid budget as the government looks for ways to reduce the deficit. As we speak, the government is finalizing its budget and deciding the fate of Canada’s foreign aid spending.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me now in signing this petition calling on the Canadian government to protect vital foreign aid funding:

Cuts to programs that fight global poverty won’t eliminate the deficit. But it will reduce the impact Canada can have in supporting citizens in developing countries to climb their way out of poverty.

In just over a week, we’ll be delivering thousands of names to Prime Minister Harper, urging him not to cut this life-saving aid. The more names we deliver, the harder we’ll be to ignore.

Please join me in taking this urgent action today at:


Thanks for your support,
The EWB Advocacy Team & our Partners

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