Got Thorium?

Welcome to our first blog post of 2013. Many more to come.

I just finished watching the following video taken from the TEDxYYC event held in 2011. Kirk Sorensen gives a talk at the Calgary event about how energy can be provided on the Moon. Being that it’s a satellite without any coal, oil, or natural gas to extract, it would be fairly difficult to keep the lights on in any future lunar colony. So, how would you do it and do it efficiently? The answer is: use Thorium. It’s a material not only found on the moon, but also on Earth.

Video link: Thorium, an alternative nuclear fuel

What’s even crazier about this idea is how it could revolutionize the way we fuel our planet. Balancing the increasing need for more energy with the unavoidable reality of climate change, Thorium could be the fuel source of the future. Check it out and prepare to question your future. Also, let us know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comments section.

Here are some questions to consider.

If deposits of this material were found in Canada (thereby allowing us to have local access) and our governments began to consider it as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, how long do you think it would take to shift gears in our energy policies, including mind shifts in the public and industry?

What are the potential challenges to implementation?

For other great talks, consider attending the nearest TEDx conference happening in your city. They’re independently organized events and they are fantastic experiences. Edmonton’s TEDx conference takes place on Saturday, June 15, with more information at www.tedxedmonton.com


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