EWB Edmonton Moving Forward

Thanks to the feedback of some of our new members, we have been able to pinpoint how we will be moving forward. And, even more importantly, how we can stay on track to reach these goals. The goals are three.

12 New Members. 12 New Partners. $12,000 raised.

All done in the next 12 months.

This framing allows for us to delegate different activities to different teams and also provide metrics that would help our chapter to grow. Not surprisingly, we’re calling this our 12-12-12 Strategy.

As you can deduce. This works to one item per month. Each is tied to our newly re-organized team structure. The MEMBERS team, PARTNERS team, and FUNDING team. These


Members are what make EWB great!

With 35 chapters across Canada doing amazing things and creating amazing leaders, we want to try and keep up. That’s where new members come in.

The biggest thing that is offered by this group is learning opportunities, especially related to global development and EWB’s work in Sub-Saharan Africa. We host drink nights, film meet ups, and workshops to hear about the latest updates from our ventures. We also coordinate seasonal Retreats for Alberta and Western Canada chapters, as well as the annual EWB National Conference, which will be held in Toronto in January 2014. We also aspire to hold an entire day of learning and linking to other amazing organizations in the city.

One thing to look forward to (either in the lead up or to apply) is our Professional Fellowship program. In February 2014, the applications will close and one individual will be selected to work alongside EWBers and our partners in Africa. Experiences differ from different countries (Ghana, Uganda, Malawi) to different teams (Governance, Water & Sanitation, Business Development). Each person comes back with an assortment of stories including living with a partner family and working on projects that help the most impoverished of people. Stay tuned for more details!

So our aim is one new member per month. This means having a lot of open and inviting spaces for new people to come and talk to one another. We understand that people’s time is limited, so we are making sure that everything we do is fun and exciting and makes you want to come back.

Keep your eye out for Development Drinks each month (October’s will be our biggest yet!) and Wabonwa Night in November!


Edmonton is a town filled with engineers. Yet many do not know of the group EWB or the work they do. This is where building partnerships comes in. It might be a company that wants to learn more or the student chapter looking to network into the professional field or even other development organizations looking to gain insight from what we do. In any case, EWB Edmonton has an ocean of opportunity to build strong links in the community and worldwide.

We are striving to build one new partner each and every month going forward. This might involve doing Lunch & Learns at a company’s office, which detail some of our African Ventures. It could be linking with another organization on a networking event, like we are doing with Keiskamma in October. There’s also youth engagement by going into high schools and facilitating Water for the World workshops. Or strengthening the existing links to the UofA EWB Chapter and EWB National Office.

Each of these relationships will mean a greater community and ultimately greater impact.


We’ve just finished organizing the 2013 Run to End Poverty (R2EP). This year’s run saw over 40 participants and over $12,000 raised. This money will be split between the Professional and Student EWB Edmonton chapters to help fund volunteers working overseas. It was an amazing ride and we hope to do even better next year.

From now until New Year’s, we’re going to be focusing our fundraising activities on EWB National Conference 2014, held in Toronto during January. This works out to 5 months of time and a goal of $5,000. In that time, we’ll be hosting Wabonwa Night in the fall and our biggest Development Drinks in October, with a dash or two of other events until the end of the year.

The Professional chapter has already budgeted money for a subsidy to cover some of the admission and travels costs of sending members to conference. We’re hoping to continue raising money to ensure that as many people can come as possible. We’ll also be starting a program called Conference Delegates, where we hope to cross-link with the Partners Team in finding companies that would be willing to fund one (or more!) of their employees to conference and share their experience upon returning.

Once conference closes and everyone heads back home, there may be thoughts of “What’s Next?”. The answer to that will be: R2EP 2014. The months that lead up to the actually race at the Edmonton Derby Marathon in August match almost perfectly with our Professional Fellowship program. Starting after the February application deadline, the Members Team will focus on getting the word out about how one lucky Edmontonian can sign up to work overseas with one of EWB’s teams. The money needed to fund this short-term work opportunity comes directly from R2EP.

So over the coming months, we will be making a coordinated effort to raise $1,000 per month for our major activities. It will be time consuming, but the important things always are.


The other great thing about utilizing metrics is that they are flexible. If one team is doing better than expected, we can raise their target. For example, 2 new members a month, rather than one. The possibilities will grow as we move forward.

In conclusion, we hope that this new direction excites you enough to learn more or get involved.

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