About EWB Canada

Engineers Without Borders Canada is a national organization that seeks to create opportunities for rural Africans by harnessing the problem-solving approach of Canada’s engineering sector. Through long-term placements, volunteers impact the lives of those they work with through training and development activities.

EWB supports these volunteers through 23 city networks composed of both student and professional sections. These networks include about 50 people each and involve both engineers and individuals interested in the work EWB does. This diversity allows EWB to engage enthusiasm, experience and creativity to solve development issues.

EWB works in Canada and in Africa. To find out more, click on our programs below!

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African Ventures

EWB works in the following areas – for more information on the specific programs, visit: http://ewb.ca/africa • Water and Sanitation in Malawi • Agriculture in Ghana & Zambia • Governance and Rural Infrastructure in Ghana • Business Development in Zambia & Ghana In Africa, Engineers Without Borders is pioneering sophisticated responses to complex development challenges. …

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Canadian Programs

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